JTECH 2024
Inspiring Women
in Technology

JTECH 2024 stands at the forefront of technology education, offering cutting-edge facilities and a faculty of seasoned instructors dedicated to shaping the future leaders of the tech industry. Our commitment to excellence sets the stage for an unparalleled learning experience, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and curiosity is the driving force of progress.

Final Year
Project Innovation.

The showcase is not merely a presentation but a grand celebration, unveiling students' ingenious final-year projects that redefine the boundaries of AI, robotics, and software development. It sparks inspiration among aspiring tech visionaries, showcasing groundbreaking advancements that leave a lasting impact. Here, creativity knows no bounds, and students are encouraged to push the limits of what's possible.

Guest-Endowed Student Awards

Industry luminaries join us to evaluate projects, providing valuable insights. The awards bestowed upon students serve as a testament to their efforts and hard work. These recognitions play a pivotal role in boosting confidence and nurturing the next generation of tech talent. It's not just about awards, it's a celebration of dedication and a testament to the outstanding achievements of our students.


Distinguished commemorative shields are more than symbols; they embody profound recognition for both students and esteemed guests. These shields stand as a testament to extraordinary accomplishments and unwavering support, propelling technological innovation to new heights. Each shield tells a story of dedication and perseverance, symbolizing the collective achievements of our tech community.

Empowering the
Future Women

JTECH 2024's unwavering commitment shines through, actively empowering individuals, with a particular focus on women. Our mission involves helping them surmount barriers and seize boundless opportunities in the dynamic tech landscape, a future where diversity and innovation thrive hand in hand. Through mentorship programs, dedicated initiatives, and a supportive community, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

JTECH 2024 Schedule

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February 16, 2024 & Feburary 17, 2024


About Us

What's JTECH

JTECH is a technology extravaganza where students of JUW exhibit their final year projects and innovative ideas for business start up. The projects and ideas are based on cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality etc.


The vision behind organizing an event of this calibre is to encourage women and enable them to meet professionals from the industry and portray their projects on a public platform that speaks of their dedication, creativity and technical abilities.


JTECH event is organized by the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Jinnah University for Women in Karachi. The event is organized on yearly basis with the collaboration of faculty and volunteering students.

Esteemed Guests Testimonial

Barrister Shahida Jamil graced the JTECH 2023 event with her presence, where she took the time to personally commend the commendable efforts invested by the students in their diverse projects. Her appreciation for their hard work added a significant note of encouragement to the event.
- Barrister Shahida Jamil

Visiting Jinnah University for Women, getting a chance to be a part of JTECH 2021 was an overwhelming experience. It was a pleasure to see the potential that students and faculty members carry. This university, in my opinion, is doing an outstanding job in guiding the students. The ideas presented were real-world examples addressing real-world issues, which was incredible. The student's enthusiasm for the ideas and projects, as well as their attachment to them, made me happy.
- Shahzad Shahid, President of TPS Pakistan.

Such a pleasure to be the Chief Guest at JTECH 2020 at Jinnah University for Women. Checked out many of the Final Year Projects that the young women had worked on - a lot of emphasis on solutions for those with hearing difficulties, visual impairment and those suffering from autism. Agritech and Edtech solutions were also areas of focus.
- Jehan Ara, President of The Nest i/o and PASHA via Facebook

Dr. Jawwad Shamsi, professor and director of Karachi campus of FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), attended JTECH 2019 as chief guest and spoke highly of the students' projects and ideas.

Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Executive Director of Institute of Business Administration, also graced the JTECH 2019 event with his presence and appreciated the talent and hardwork of the students.

Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Vice Chancellor of NED University of Engineering & Technology, had also been an esteemed chief guest at Open Day 2018, where his insightful address left a lasting impact on the audience, fostering a sense of academic enthusiasm and inspiration.

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