Idea to Product
BS(CS) 2019
S No. Project Title Group Members Project Description
1 DocScout Maryam Zubair
Iraj Arif
Masfa Kaleem
DocScout aims to increase the availability, accessibility, and transparency of healthcare services to be availed by the citizens.
2 Smart FitChef Ariba Qureshi
Habiba Hani Khan
Nabiha Naeem
Urooj Ahmed
Cooking ingredients are always available in our homes but we can't decide what to cook with those ingredients. Moreover, we do not find the exact recipe on the internet with the ingredients we look for. Also, it takes a lot of time to find recipes by typing the ingredients one by one. Smart FitChef is a mobile application that will help the user to find recipes by scanning the ingredients from their mobile camera. When the user will scan the ingredients, the application will provide recipe videos using AR and web scraping according to the available ingredients. The user will only receive recipes that contain only the ingredients that the user will scan. Recipes with other ingredients will not be shown. There is an additional feature in the application that will provide a complete nutritional record of all the ingredients that will be included in the recipe. This will not only help the users to improve their diet plan but also if the user has any disease then this application will guide the user that some of the ingredients in the recipe may be harmful to you.
3 FitVisor Hafsa Naeem
Maryam Abdul Razzak
Sana Nizam
Zoha Saleem
We are developing an application named “FitVisor”. It’s your fitness advisor that will advise you on each step whether you want to lose weight or want to fight with non-communicable disease “diabetes” without any expensive fee of Dietitian/Fitness trainer and medicine. All you need to do is maintain healthy style with healthy dietary and effective exercise. This application is developing with the motto of “let be the medicine,” as the food aids many diseases. FitVisor will help to control sugar level of diabetic patient with the healthy food as many scientific studies have shown that healthy food, we eat significantly help to cure various non-communicable disease. Under the proper guidance of Nutritionist/Dietitian and Fitness trainer the application will come up 2 amazing features which are badly needed for the better health of Pakistani people.
4 Reuse n Reduce Ishmal Shahid
Sheeza Khan
Tabinda Fatima
Tooba Nadeem
Reuse n Reduce is an electronic platform for recycling waste. The initiative involves two parties: a seller (a user) who wants to sell their waste and a buyer (an industry) who wants to buy the waste.If an industry or business wishes to acquire waste products to recycle, they can get in touch with the waste seller through the Reuse n Reduces application or website. “Reuse n Reduce” conserves natural resources such as energy, metals and much more which can be a beneficial to the economy of Pakistan. Further, it supports Pakistan manufacturing on a high level and conserves valuable resources.
5 GroWiser Aqsa Nadir
Habiba Saleem
Saleha Khan
Twaleha Lodhi
Climate plays an important role in the growth of plants and their distribution. Environmental factors can limit the growth and distribution of a plant if they are less than ideal. Environmental stresses are sometimes the cause of plant problems. Some unfavorable growing conditions like lack or excessive of sun and water can cause direct damage to plants. Further, most people fail to get the intended results when planting because they do not have sufficient knowledge about plantation. Considering the fact of the need for an appropriate plantation, GroWiser is a system composed of mobile and web application through which users can get recommendation of plants according to their environment and monitor their plants after plantation. Furthermore, the GroWiser offers ecommerce store to local nurseries that assures the availability of the recommended plants.
BS(SE) 2019
S No. Project Title Group Members Project Description
1 Route to Salah Ramesha Ali
Hiba Siddiqui
Rimsha Aleem
Naimish Khan
Route to Salah is an application that will revolutionize an idea of getting to know the timings of any congregational prayer of any Mosque without physically stepping into the actual Mosque. Our application use the live location feature on the phone and show all the nearby Mosques. Users just have to tap on the nearest Mosque and he can get to know the updated timings of all the congregational prayers. Other purpose of this project is to provide the animated video guidance for the pilgrims which is helpful for those who are performing the Umrah first time. To broaden the scope of our application, we included a Kid’s Stories. In this we add the back story of holy places of Makkah such as why we perform Tawaf or why we perform Sae'e. So, which would be very helpful for kids and they will know why this ritual perform in Umrah. Moreover, it provide different scholar lectures on various topics, show accurate prayer timing with respect to the city and also provide daily routine Dua’s which would be very helpful in memorization.
2 Online Mental Health Rabia imran
rimsha safeer
aunushqa atiq
amina aimen
The fundamental motivation behind our framework is to take care of the issues that are absent in the arrangement of Karachi mental emergency clinic as of now. Thusly, they cannot give online treatment to their patients. They deal with certain issues coming to the medical clinic. Moreover, this framework is connected with those patients who face a few obstacles and issues. For example, patients need to hang tight for long in planning meeting with specialists. Likewise, patient who are out of city/zone cannot come for their treatment. What's more, another issue is that the patient additionally faces obstacles to look through the mends. We need to take care of these issues through our framework. We assemble an internet-based treatment framework for the Karachi mental medical clinic. Online mental framework is useful for the individuals who cannot be truly associated with Karachi mental medical clinic. Patient take arrangement to meet the specialists, they can straightforwardly talk about their concern with specialist through web-based meeting. Additionally, our application gives the mends request benefits, the patient can buy the longing prescriptions with our E-trade webpage assuming that the face obstacles to look through the craving drugs and the patient may through online with numerous installment choices.
3 Project Hub. Armeen Javed
Umama Saifullah
Wajiha Siddiqui
Zehra Aslam
Project Hub is an online portal that manages the Final Year projects (FYP). It aims to provide centralized automation to the whole FYP management process from registration to final results. It provides a paperless environment and helps to track students' participation. It not only keeps track of all the project stages but it monitors and evaluates the project's current progress. Project Hub provides quick and easy access to FYP management by bridging the gap between the FYP coordinator, supervisor, and student.
4 Track Inway Raeyha Raffaq
Rumaisa Dilshad
Safa Kahlid
Sana Ejaz
People can use Indoor Navigation to navigate freely and arrive at their destinations on time and without worry. In this project, we will create an indoor navigation system for our university, covering a few science
5 Glimpse Areeba Ali
Roheen Arshad
Yousra Subhan
Glimpse exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients and making easy for them by providing themes for their homes. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us unique
6 OnSpot Cure Areeba Nadeem
Esha Imran
OnSpot Cure is a smart patient monitoring system that provides remote monitoring from the patient's location to the doctor. Traditional health monitoring systems monitor patients by admitting themto the
7 PakStan Laiba Nasir
Sakina Batool
Marium Khalid
Kainat Asif
To develop a mobile app for Pakistanis that acts as a one-stop to purchase souvenirs, commissioned art, and local handicrafts sourced directly from authentic artisans. It will allow people to shop for local art and craft, no matter where they are. PakStan believes tourism is more than just traveling. We encourage tourism in Pakistan by promoting local art.
8 Vision onWay Aqsa Bano
Khola Ausaf
Komal Bakhtiar
Tarooba Faheem
Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease but it’s harder for blind and visually impaired people to walk and exercise freely in parks and jogging tracks on their own. There are several barriers that often prevent people with impaired vision from engaging in physical activities. They include: Lack of motivation, energy, and fear of getting hurt, Lack of information to helpful resources, trouble learning new physical activities, that’s where our idea comes in Vision onWay. It is a mobile application that will help visually impaired people to keep them on track while exercising and walking. It will detect path using image processing and send a voice alert if they are getting off track or find any kind of obstacle in their following path. We will use (CNN Algorithm) a deep learning technique for lane and obstacle detection Our application will have audio described workout videos. They will follow those videos and burn calories according to no of sets done. It will contain fitness features like step counter, calories burned count, distance covered and time counter etc. Application will display current result after every walk and exercise, and monthly progress at the end of the month.
9 Cropry IOT Anosha Asfar
Hamna Amanullah
Hira Sultan
Hiba Hanif
Our project aim is to design smart agriculture application inorder to track crop progress. It is user friendly. The primary goal of our study is to use digital tools to track crop progress. This will give the precise values for the many parameters that affect growth. Additionally, by using a crop monitoring management system, this application will assist farmers in simultaneously monitoring several agricultural lands.
10 KeepInTrack Amna Zubair
Bushra Bano
Tehreem shehr bano
KeepInTrack is a fleet management system with IoT. It will track the vehicle and the product while it is being delivered to the receiver. The IoT devices we will be using are: Weight sensor, Hit Alert sensor and Temperature sensor. These are sensor will be embedded to the system with their specific usage. Like Hit alert sensor will be used to notify if any accident occurs, the weight sensor will notify the weight of the product being delivered and if any changes with the set range occurs, it will be alerted to the sender and temperature is used to track some sensitive products which need to be in specific temperature and if the temperature decreases an alert will be generated. The GPS and GSM will be used to track and receive messages. Besides all these IoT, KeepInTrack has its management system which will help you to manage the drivers, the vendors, the expenses one has, Maintenance alert if any vehicle needs repairing, status of the vehicles, chatting with the receiver, driver and vendor. Through KIT’s application and web application orders can also be viewed and placed.
11 Curapets Ayesha
Bisal Shafiq
Ramsha Khan
Sana Ahmed
This project focuses on improving access to veterinary healthcare. Through this project pet owners can communicate with doctors by making reservations for doctors in hospitals, timings, and prescription as well. It also provides suitable diet tips. In addition, voice call and video call options is also available for pet owners to communicate with doctors.This app Provide Facility for Emergency Cases in case of any accidents.
12 JUW Auto Lib Afifa Fatima
Misbah Fakhruj Farooqi
Rimsha Noor
JUW Auto Lib is designed in such a way that it keeps the functioning of the library smooth and in order. This system increases the efficiency of the librarian and better management of the library. It leads to an easy search of the desired book from the library. It is a software application to maintain the records related to Book Borrow, Book Issue, Book Returns, Fine Collection and all necessary requirements for the Library to manage day to day operations.
13 Smart Employer Afifa Shafaq Shams
Wajiha Fatima
Tehreem Fatima
Smart Employer is a platform that bridges the gap between employers and jobseekers, by giving them a chance to find the best out of their interest in a time-efficient manner. It uses AI and cutting-edge technology to ensure that we always provide high-quality services to our customers. It allows the employer a large candidate pool, ATS, and an 'Automated Interview Conduction' facility to make hiring efficient. At the same time, providing Job-Seekers with a job feed, a one-tap job application, job status alerts, and an 'Automated Interview Environment', making the job hunt easy-peasy.