Final Year Projects
BS(CS) 2018
S No. Project Title Group Members Project Description
1 Community Algorithm Tool for Media Domain Shamaim Haider
Soha Mubashir
Habiba Arshad
The fifth tool, the Community Algorithm Tool for Media Domain (CATMD), will use to categorize human users in the Media Domain. This is a research-based project that examines how media communities interact. The data obtained from the community is used to analyze the media community. It may be used in the real world with the assistance of interaction to compare electronic media channels, print media novels, periodicals, newspapers, social media applications, and digital media such as Uber.
2 UniHub Mahrukh Asghar
Maryam Ashfaq
Khazina Adnan
Azra Nigar
UniHub will provide the information of different universities on the query of the students. The main features of the app will be that students are allowed to search for any field with eligibility and application will provide the information of all public and private universities.
3 Smart In-Navigation Neha Salahuddin
Shafaq Naz
Urooj Ali
Zara Naqvi
Smart InNavigation guides the users accurately to their destination on campus indoor areas. This application is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and 2D mal view that helps and guides the user from one location to another. 
4 JUW ORIC PORTAL Aisha Raees Khan
Aimen Khalid
Aqsa Khan
Mahnoor Arif
JUW-ORIC (Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization) is an office for the facilitation of researchers, be it the student or faculty, for developing technology solutions to cater the needs of society. ORIC has been established under the directives of HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION (HEC) Pakistan. Working on JUW-ORIC management Portal, we will analyze the process and manage all data between ORIC management and faculty.JUW-ORIC will keep a record of events, workship, seminars and will provide updates related to internship. To make communication easy between ORIC and audience, JUW-ORIC will give access to post queries.
5 Mental Healthcare Application using AR and VR Technology Mahema Azeem
Ume-e-Aiman Javed
Aqsa Fazil
Khadija Ayub
Mental Healthcare Application using AR and VR Technology (MHARVR) is an application which invites Psychologists, Psychiatrist and Coach to promote mental wellness using AR and VR technology. The main goal of this system is to treat Anxiety, Mood disorder and Trauma. Information of the particular mental disorder will be provided through AR technology and relaxation techniques via VR technology. The system will provide cure steps, treatments, procedures, cognitive therapies and worksheets. The advantage of the MHARVR is that it provides direct pathway to relevant mental health resources and offers a positive motivation and mediation for anxiety, mood disorder and trauma patients.
6 DeFear Hijab-e-Zainab
Jaweria Imran
Wajiha Rehman
Virtual Reality has been utilized to enable exposure therapy by means of artificially created environments, namely Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET). The design of the application Defear is such that therapists are provided with an interface to control the environment of therapy (VR scenarios) and its intensity.
7 iRecyclerz Bushra Abdul Rasheed
Izba Shahid
Maryam Bibi
Summaiya Shafique
In Karachi the biggest problem is improperdisposal of the garbage that’s why the garbage cause overflow of sewerage lines in heavy rains and caused other diseases. The only solution we perceive to surmount is reusing that waste which we call recycling. iRecyclerz is based on a mobile application and web application. Mobile application is the bridge between the producers (sellers) and the waste collectors (buyers) and this application will serve as an intermediary between them. In this application, the user will be provided a service form where the user fills the type (metal, plastic, wood, and electronics, and more) of waste, with the weight and selecting payment method he has and then conform his submission and get notification.
8 Real Time Face Mask Monitoring and Face Identification Urooj Fatima
Anamta Yousuf
Ayesha Shafi
Basra Arshad
The main motive of this project is to reduce the spread of the virus. The idea to solve this problem is to detect people without face mask and informing the authorities to take action against them and to remind them to wear mask for their safety purpose. The face recognition and face mask detection is one of the technique that can help us to reduce the covid-19.
9 Lens Your Text Asia Iqbal
Fatima Abdul Rehman
The project uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the infrastructure of OCR is to analyze images and extract meaningful data from the documents such as business cards, invitation cards, or any other form of document and save the data in multiple file formats i.e., pdf, word and excel. The main objective of the product is to read text from the card and other sorts of images with text and save the data directly to the phone and it will also be able to convert the text into urdu languages and convert the document into multiple input formats. The user will be able to access its data from the web application as well as from the mobile application.
11 Silai Karhai Maryam Ashraf Desai
Khulood Fatima Ghazali
Fazila Zameer
When we talk about dress making,we must visit markets therefore we have to walk around the whole market to search the perfect accessories like embroidery or pico or dying or tailoring,those markets are usually crowded on occasions like Eid.These options of services have never been gathered on a single platform.We provide the ultimate solution to all these problems on your fingertips through our application and online portal.You get to experience the same variety of options without the hustle.Our objective is to provide an easy way to get services.We will provide an online portal and application where consumers will find all the people involved in clothing such as tailors,Embroidery personnel,pico personnel,dexter etc.On this application all these people related to clothing can easily get themselves registered and provide services through our site/app service.
12 ImproveMyCampus Hareem Mairaj
Ariba Irshad
Jaweria Rehman
ImproveMyCampus is a Web and mobile-based project used to manage Student complaints. Our system working is like all the complaints arrived from campus students are distributed to the different concern departments according to Complaint category. Students can be able to know the current processing status of their Complaints (acknowledge, pending close) and students will be able to give suggestions as well when they are complaining. Students can lodge complaints in descriptive format and can upload pictures and documents of the related complaint.
BS(SE) 2018
S No. Project Title Group Members Project Description
1 Tawakal O Sukoon Hiba Asif
Syeda Lint
Sarah Tariq
Tawakal-O-Sukoon is focusing on Depression which is increasing in our society day-by-day. 90% of peoples are facing these issues including children. Some because of Jobs, financial issues, exams and some are disturbed because of their personal life issues. For getting relief from these issues everyone prefers to use social media just to divert their minds for some time but did not able to get completely relief from their issues. So Tawakal-O-Sukoon which is basically an Islamic application will try to solve these issues through Quran indeed it has solutions of every problem exists around us we just need to focus on it.This a platform where we are providing Quranic Verses, hadith’s and Bayan’s exactly according to user emotion. This platform surely makes our users getting relief from all their tensions.Indeed "Guidence is a divine Gift".
2 Lead up Abeera Afridi
Alkuma Rani
Unaiza Khan
The main idea of this project is to provide a community nature to all the schools. The system is intended to work for schools and their academies to control their management system smartly. We will provide features and solutions such as registering schools, attending online lectures & quizzes, managing educational activities etc to make online learning easy and more convenient during these covid times. Also, we will be working on another module where the goal is to provide information & ranking of schools based on authentic feedbacks that can help visitors to search for best schools according to their requirements area wise.
3 AntiRob Rania Mughal
Sahar Muneer
Security is the main concern of any organization due to the increase in crimes. Normally, cameras are installed in organizations and their work is just to record the footage and they do not generate any alerts at the time of criminality. By looking at these acts of criminality, AntiRob has proposed the detection of Face and Object in real-time CCTV footage using image processing. When the system detects some suspicious movements , object and the individuals that are not stored in the records or database then the system will generate a beep sound by sending SMS notification or alerts. This project is based on Web-Application and Mobile Application.
4 Fluencio Khadeeja Moin
Syeda Kinza
Rabiya Salehjee
Fluencio is a android based speech recognition application which helps users to fight their speech flaws and to speak more confidently and fluently. The application allows users to practice for their public speaking events providing distinct modes for presentation practice and interview practice. The application takes user speech as input and processes it using speech recognition technology to identify the use of filler words, calculates pitch of voice, and pace. The application provides productive feedback and maintains user's progress. In order to help user overcome stress and nervousness, the application also includes a meditation feature including exercises and calming activities.
5 MyCamp Tabia Naseer
Soheera Jadoon
In this project, we will be developing a web-based management system to overcome the problems prevailing in the manual system. The system to provide updated information regarding everything about the department the system will be providing three types of users i.e. administrator, faculty, and students. Each type of user will be provided with the necessary features. Admin will be capable of managing all activities. All faculty members will have their personalized websites managed by themselves. Students will be informed of all the happenings occurring inside the department. information about students. The department management (MyCamp) is the automated version of the manual system. The system allows authorized members to access the record of academically registered students. 
6 J-Skill Share Syeda Warda Arshad
Kiran Butt
Sabika Afaq
J-SKILL SHARE will provide a platform for girls who can share their skills only through this you can show your work to the world and have chance to earn from home. There are some problems. Low motivation is one of the biggest problem. students work so hard to create projects but they have no idea how to market their skills and projects so through this they can market any of their skills and projects without any hesitation or without thinking that it may cost them.
7 Emotion Recognition In E-Learning System Haleema Sadia
Tahreem Nazim
Uroobah Mumtaz
Emotional Recognition in E-Learning is a Mobile APP and Web Based system that detect and analyze Humans Face and show their Emotions in Real Time. People vary widely in their accuracy at recognizing the emotions of others. Facial expression recognition is an increasingly important area in intelligent e-learning systems. However, supporting the emotional side of participants during learning tasks is challenging and demands an awareness of participant’s emotions. Our focus is on understanding and interpolating the emotional state of the participants during a learning engagement. The proposed system will help to identify emotions and classify learner involvement and interest in the topic which are plotted as feedback to the instructor to improve learner experience and to check student's engagement level.
8 MoniTask Tooba Saifullah
Mahnoor Asim
MoniTask provides a platform for effective monitoring of employee activities. MoniTask allows employees to use RFID technology to mark their attendance. This gives the organization the ability to track the attendance of its employees and generate their pay slips. The organization will also be able to monitor departments, employees, projects and customer reports. In addition, using this platform, employees can check their profile with real time data using the mobile application.
9 Paint Nest Ayesha Khan
Mizma Javed
Paint Nest is a Business to Consumer (B2C) E-commerce paints website and Android mobile application providing one stop online paint shopping solution which will facilitate the Local Paint Industry of Karachi in increasing their sales and reaching out to more consumers. Paint Preview feature, our main selling point, is designed using AR technology which will help consumers in determining beforehand the right paint color shade when applied. Thus, resulting in reduction of resources wastage.
10 E-Clinic Alishba Shamim
Mannam Liaquat
Iqra Nasir
Reshma Sarfaraz
E-Clinic designed to help users to manage and monitor their clinic over the day using any available device. E-Clinic helps in automating and digitizing your clinics, so you can grow your clinic without any hassle and manage your patients and medical records. It can help you in medical billing, online appointments, inventory management and many more. Through it, you can save the patient’s details safely and securely. E-Clinic saves a lot of your time. By using it, you can easily reach patients records in seconds. Also, it would let you streamline inventory management, staff attendance, punctuality of the staff and many more. The whole manual work converted in to system you can work more efficiently. The E-Clinic is a complete hub of patient’s information.
11 Smart Fit Optics Huzika Matloob
Maham Imrani
Maria Mohammad Siddiq
Rufia Rabbani
SmartFitOptics is an online optical reatiler that not only sells eye wear but also provides an online facility of trying glasses virtually by using our 3D try-on solution, it is the fastest growing optical business to provide vision to people in real-time experience.
12 Timeslot Mahnoor Usman
Saniya Ali Khan
Benish Kamran
Fariya Faisal
Timeslot is a platform for creating and handling timetable related issues for our department. The main objective is to design a complete package that bring the students, teachers and the timetable manager on a single platform, where everyone can easily access their timetable.
12 Creative Hub Javeria Ali
Kiran Ejaz
Urooj Ahmed
Hira Raees Khan
Our creative hub application will host information regarding Painting, Fashion designing, Interior designing, Clothing lines etc. All the designing and painting will be done by in-house designers. We aim to provide platform for amateurs, local designers, and local painters and house wives. We offer freelancing service in the area of artwork, show up yourself with your skills and select the specific area of interest as per your choice. We provide the platform to make you identifiable with your skills and artistic skills. Creative hub is a platform for them to easily carry out their work even after their fresh graduation because getting job for fresher is difficult.